Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

About Dr. Abe

Dr. Abe graduated from Dental School in Hokkaido, Japan
in 1984. After dental school, she enrolled in the Oral Maxillofacial Surgery department at Sapporo Medical School. Dr. Abe received training not only in extractions and minor surgeries such as cyst removal, frenulectomy and implants, but also head and neck reconstruction, trauma
and deformity of oral lesions.

After completing her course work at Sapporo Medical School, Dr. Abe moved to Tokyo and continued her training in oral surgery by focusing on medically compromised patients. After seven years of practice in Japan, Dr. Abe was presented with an opportunity to expand her dental career by traveling to the United States, where she observed in the periodontology department at Oregon Health Sciences University (1992). Following this experience, Dr. Abe decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania to obtain a U.S. degree. This was followed by a Dental Anesthesiology residency at MetroHealth Medical center in Cleveland, Ohio. After a year of training in dental anesthesiology, in 1997 Dr. Abe returned to Portland, Oregon to practice. She spent seven years practicing oral surgery for two local dental providers, traveling to multiple offices within the Portland, Salem and Albany communities. She opened her own private practice, Abe Dental, in the Vermont Hills Shopping center in 2005.


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